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10.16, just another ladder reset for recent update

6.22, Ready for 4.2 and thanks for your upload testing

12.22, Ready for hard mode of Cataclysm raid

2.1, Candy for all real guild but rotten egg for fake guild

I am Guild Leader and I wanna be also in WMO!

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WoW Combat Log

To create a WMO report, you first need to record actions in game.

Start World of Warcraft and enter the game. At the beginning of the raid, dungeon or solo testing session you want to create a report for, type /combatlog into the chat box, you should get a response saying 'Combat being logged to Logs/WoWCombatlog.txt'. When you're done with the raid, dungeon or solo testing session type /combatlog again. You'll get another response saying Combat logging disabled'. Log out of WoW and your combat log should be in the /Logs/ folder and file name is WoWCombatlog.txt.

More details about the combat log

Blizzard and the World of Warcraft program control what goes into the Combat Log. This means you don't need an addon or a program running while you're playing the game. This also means that there are a few things that don't get logged the way we'd like(such as Threat).

There are a handful of addons that will automatically start the combat log in selected raid instances and stop it when you exit. These include AutoLog and Loggerhead.

The World of Warcraft game engine buffers the combatlog output. This increases performance and prevents bot authors from using it to communicate game state but it means you'll have to log out to the character selection screen before you submit a combat log.

You don't have to do anything special during the raid to note bosses, wipes, etc. Once uploaded to WMO our statistics engine splits boss kills and boss attempts automatically.

Once you've submitted the combat log you'll probably want to delete it or move it to another folder. World of Warcraft simply appends new combat log information to the existing WoWCombatlog.txt file so after a second raid you'll have a much larger(over 200M) log file that WMO can't accept.If you have got a larger log file , you can use Split Log function our WMO Client provide to split the log to keep your log be acceptable.Or try to archive it.

Every you logout or disconnect in game , please type /combatlog again after you logon to ensure you are recording a combatlog!

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